Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the PhotoRoute website (the “Website”) and in the PhotoRoute application (“PhotoRoute”, the “App”).

Personal Data

We take personal privacy very seriously. Therefore, our website and app do not collect any personal identifiable information or location data from you. Neither do we use any SDKs from Google or Facebook.

Data Storage

To store your data locally on your device, PhotoRoute uses an Apple framework called Core Data. Your saved data can be synchronised between devices by enabling iCloud services. The app uses Apple’s CloudKit framework to implement that. If you choose to enable iCloud, PhotoRoute will store your data in your private CloudKit container. PhotoRoute does not have any access to this container, only you have. The technology for this is provided by Apple. The privacy policy of Apple can be found here.

Account Creation and Data Collection

Users now have the option to create an account using their Apple login. During the account creation process, we collect your name and allow you to upload photos. This data enhances your experience with PhotoRoute and allows for personalization of the service.

Data Storage and Security

All user data, including account information and photos, are securely stored in AWS servers located in Frankfurt. We employ robust security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure its confidentiality and integrity.

Data Deletion

We respect your right to control your personal data. If you choose to delete your photos or your account, we ensure that all associated data is immediately and permanently deleted from our servers. Our commitment to your privacy extends to the complete erasure of your data upon request or account termination.


Apple automatically provides some anonymous analytics data to us.

Payment Data

PhotoRoute uses Apple as a payment provider for paid subscriptions and one-time purchases. Additionally, we use RevenueCat to manage trial versions and auto-renewable subscriptions. RevenueCat will create a user identifier that is specific to the app installation and device, but will not contain any personal information. The privacy policy of RevenueCat can be found here.

Your Consent

By using the website or app, you consent to this privacy policy.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email

Changes to this policy

We may update this privacy policy in the future. You are advised to visit this privacy policy frequently to always be aware of the policy you are agreeing to by using the website or the app. Changes to this privacy policy are posted on this page.

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